NPM is designed to better understand trends and capacity within your company as well as to look out for potential burnout candidates, encouraging a healthy work-life balance for everyone in your company.

NPM. Crafted during lockdown, this software aims to support both productivity and employee happiness. Our aim is for every company to solve together, and therefore become strong together.

Benefits and Features

Benefits of NPM

NPM focuses less on activity monitoring and more on providing productivity awareness and insights, enabling you to support your employees while protecting your company culture.


Immediate insights & trends

  • Insights about productivity
  • Insights about potential burnout, under-utilized, or time-wasting employees
  • Better understanding of your company work patterns

Easy to use

  • Quick to deploy
  • No training needed
  • Non-invasive setup

Employee Support

  • Enables tracking without compromising trust
  • Encourages fair processes to monitor all employees equally

Features of NPM

NPM encourages a healthy work-life balance in your organisation, empowering your employees and business to learn together



  • Only keeps data for 6 months & can easily delete unwanted / unnecessary data


  • Only analyzes relevant information, never personal information
  • There is no snooping or observing private activities
  • Designed with privacy, security & compliance in mind


  • Low impact on machines
  • Designed for low-bandwidth “work from home” scenarios


  • Easily integrates with your Azure Active Directory (or On-Premise AD) for analysis per department & job title

Cost effective

  • Affordable & flexible pricing is available
  • You only pay for the users you monitor per month
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